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            Kevin R. McGee
Author and Entrepreneur
I Am The First
Success Secrets for First-time Entrepreneurs on 
How to Navigate Entrepreneurship and Balance Life
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What Is This Book About?
This book provides insight on how to successfully start a business and still maintain a high quality of life. People start businesses to improve their lives, not the reverse. Yet often entrepreneurs find themselves consumed by their businesses.

Dont' make that mistake. Buy this book and learn these secrets of success.
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"When You Become The First 
You'll Never Be The Last"
Excerpts from the book
Chapter 4: Strong Mind, Body and Spirit= Strong Business
"There is a certain level of confidence and bravado present in almost every entrepreneur and small business owner that I have ever met. A willingness to go against the odds. A willingness to accept the challenge to do the impossible."
Chapter 5: Balancing Family, Friends and Entrepreneurship
"The rewards of owning your own business are great. But it is not worth the risk of damaging the relationships with loved ones. You will have to be deliberate and work on keeping your relationships with those you love intact."
Chapter 7: Nine Essential Mindsets for Entrepreneurship
"Habits and the way that we think, more than anything are what govern our lives. Yet we give little time to developing good ones. In order to be successful in entrepreneurship you have to develop good habits and ways of thinking."
Words from the author.
For more than 25 years I have studied and engaged in entrepreneurial pursuits of all sorts. I have learned that entrepreneurship is more than simply starting a business. It is a way of thinking and acting that allows you to live a life full of meaning and purpose. 
This book, I Am The First, was written to help first-generation, first-time entrepreneurs be more successful in the start-up of their small businesses. The title alone is intriguing and should bring to mind the firsts that we have all had in our lives. But this entrepreneurial first is something special. 

I want to help you, and I want this book to be a resource for you. One thing that I have learned about entrepreneurship and running businesses is that it is always, and I stress the word always, easier if you can learn from others. 

                                                                         -Kevin R. McGee

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